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Birbs abound,
Look at the clown.
Commissions Open
Hello, and welcome to my commissions page! I do character, creature, and animal art, and offer both sketch and color 2D commissions in addition to low poly models and three types of animation. I’m also open to things like pet portraits, stream assets, TTRPG tokens, icons, sheets, and other ideas you might have! I also offer separate lower-budget stream doodle commissions on my Ko-fi. Please contact me via email or through private message on any of my socials.

If you aren’t interested in commissions but would like to support me, you can also check me out with the links above!
Payment & Terms
  • Payment currently through PayPal only. Full price must be paid in advance once an agreement is made.
  • Price ranges are to account for complexity and detail. Plain texture or gradient backgrounds are free. Few or minor revisions are free, multiple or major revisions are subject to additional fees.
  • Please provide references for any characters, props, or poses. I do not currently offer designing services.
  • 2D animation is currently only available on headshots, icons, and partials.
  • Mechs and similar are only available in 3D.
  • I will not do: NSFW (including fetish art), extreme gore (moderate is fine), hateful depictions, or copyrighted characters. Fan characters are okay!
2D Art

Headshot | $25-35

Partial | $35-50

Full body | $45-60

Headshot | $45-60

Partial | $75-100

Full body | $110-135

Add simple background | +$5-20

Add extras/sheet | +Half-full per character/pose

2D Art Examples
Also check out more in my gallery here!
3D Art

Minor accessories as part of
a character are included

Other props | $50-$100

Full character | $110-135

Additional characters | +Half-full per character

Up to 2 alt textures are included

Additional alt textures | +$5 per texture

3D Art Examples
Also check out more in my gallery here!

Hand-drawn 2D animation
loop, 5 frames or fewer

$20-30 per frame
2D rig

2D rig and 1 looping animation | $300-400

Additional animations | TBD
3D rig

3D rig and 1 looping animation | $300-400

Additional animations | TBD

Animation Examples
Also check out more in my gallery here!
Ko-fi Doodles

30 minute on-stream
doodles via Ko-fi | $6
Stream assets

PNGtubers | $40-60 for static, two-state tuber

Additional features like animation (depending on what
your software supports) will add more to the cost

Icons/Emotes | $35-45

Other | Email for quote

Ko-fi Doodle Examples